Debora’s Story

“Who could know better to help than someone who has been helped?” 

My name is Debra and I am a divorced mother of two college-aged children. I was assaulted in October of 2007. The events that occurred that night impacted my life in so many ways…both negatively and surprisingly to me, positively. The negatives – I am sure we all know and understand all too well – but the unexpected POSITIVE outcomes are what I CHOSE to let impact me the most.

Since my assault, and subsequent counseling from counselors at the Augusta Rape Crisis Center, I have been able to empower myself by returning to college where I am studying criminal justice to become a victim advocate. The events that unfolded that terrible night could have been so much worse. I am thankful to God for enabling me to turn my fear into POWER, my shame into ACTION, and my hope that one day this ugly vicious crime will carry the sentences befitting of the life-altering experiences we as SURVIVORS have endured into REALITY!

I am just one person, but God has given me a voice, and a strong dose of perseverance to FIGHT ON, to REGAIN what I lost, and to HELP OTHERS to do the same. Alone, there isn’t much a person can do, but when we JOIN TOGETHER, we can make a CHANGE in people’s perspectives, so that punishments handed out will be representative of the HELL WE HAVE SURVIVED!

For me, I plan to continue my education, and SPEAK OUT for victims everywhere who may or may not have the unabashed and outspoken diligence that I plan on bringing into every case for which I will advocate for victims.

In summation, did I get assaulted? Yes. Will that define who I am? NO! Will I turn this experience into something I can use to help others? OH, HELL TO THE YES! I hope this will cause someone else the desire to become an advocate, for who could know better to help than someone who has been helped?

Thank you, Piedmont Rape Crisis Center, Augusta Rape Crisis Center, and QUANADA Crisis Center in Quincy, Illinois for all that you do!

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