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National Day of Action – 2024

April 2

National Day of Action, April 2, 2024

Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) typically designates a National Day of Action, a pivotal moment to mobilize communities, raise awareness, and take tangible steps to support survivors and combat sexual assault. To create powerful action on this day and beyond, individuals can engage in the following:

1. Education and Awareness Campaigns:
Social Media Engagement: Share informative posts, graphics, or personal stories related to sexual assault prevention and survivor support. Utilize hashtags like #SAAM and #SupportSurvivors to contribute to the broader conversation.
Community Events: Organize or participate in local events, workshops, or discussions focusing on sexual assault awareness and prevention. Engaging with community members fosters a supportive network.

2. Fundraising for Support Services like PRCC:
Host a Fundraiser: Raise funds for organizations that provide support services to sexual assault survivors. This could be through online campaigns, charity walks, or donation drives. Ensure the funds go towards counseling, crisis intervention, and other survivor-centric resources.

3. Advocacy and Legislative Support:
Contact Legislators: Use the day to advocate for policies that strengthen laws against sexual assault and improve support mechanisms for survivors. Write letters, make phone calls, or participate in advocacy campaigns pushing for legislative changes.
Support Survivor-Led Initiatives: Seek out and support initiatives led by survivors, amplifying their voices and efforts. Survivor-led organizations often play a crucial role in advocacy, policy changes, and community education.

Remember, the National Day of Action is a catalyst for ongoing efforts. Beyond this specific day, continuous engagement, education, and advocacy are essential for creating lasting change and supporting survivors of sexual assault.


April 2
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