Volunteer Opportunities with PRCC

Volunteers come from all walks of life. Their common interest is strengthening community response to those we serve. Some have been victims of sexual assault themselves. Some have had a family member or a close friend who has been impacted by this crime.

We are often the first responders to the hospital and may be the first person an individual reaches out to for support on the Crisis Hotline. Either way, after being trained, our staff and volunteers are anxious to help those in need. They are well trained in regards to the impact of sexual violence and best practices for a victim-centered response.

PRCC is grateful to our volunteers, who allow us to maintain our 24-hour crisis services for survivors of sexual assault, their family, and friends. We have a variety of volunteer experiences, so you can choose what best fits your personal strengths and interests. There are both direct service and non-direct service opportunities continuously available.

Interested in volunteering in a particular area? We would love to here from you!